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Why choose Shipreadygo crowdfunding order fulfillment?

Launched a crowdfunding campaign are along a way featured hardships and challenge.Operation Cost is always the top priority.Choose our services and get the free storage service,we provide professional solution for shipping your order,reducing your operation cost and ensure a high delivered rate.

Our crowdfunding order fulfillment sevices include:
  • Shipping solution

    Fexible&affordable shipping solution.

  • Good receiving

    Safety and reliable receiving service.

  • Inspection

    All goods will be examined roughly of the quantity and quality upon their arrival in our warehouse.

  • Product check-in

    Before we place product on a shelf,we will record its location in our system.Our effective warehouse management ensure that the customer's products are not lost.

  • Warehousing

    Located in Shenzhen,Shipreadygo warehouse is over 5, 000 square meters.Shipreadygo users of any plan shall have their exclusive storage area and get a order fulfillment solution with free storage for 30 days.

  • Picking

    Our worker can easy to find out all of items of the order quickly by computer,scanning sku barcode to keep track of where every item is located.

  • Packing

    Advanced sku recognition system to against any warehousing error.

  • Order Combination

    Our system can combine these orders which need to be sent to the same address before shipping.

  • Order Split

    To saving shipping cost for shipping multiple items,or there have any product shortages,we can help you to split the order as your requirement.

  • Product Set

    Our system can intelligent identify your different product set.Spliting the set into multiple SKUs to against.

  • Customs clearance

    Provide tariff thresholds for multiple countries to help customers reduce tariff cost.

  • Delivery

    Scan shipping label to confirm the parcel have been sent to correct courier.

  • Parcel tracking

    Each shipment can be fully tracked.

  • Parcel return

    Take care about each return parcel.Keep the record more than 1 month.

We are ready to meet your needs.

Open an Shipreadygo account and see how simple shipping will be for your campaign. With our established connections to all major shipping carriers,your shipping is optional,more affordable,more reliable,and faster than ever.Professional customs clearance advice and shipping solution will be provided based on different case that make sure the delivery smooth and cost-saving.

Why choose our company for your projects?

We are a team of professional and enthusiastic people,who like what they do and are always in the process of growing and improving their skills.

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