Free Handing Fee

Fulfillment Services Simple Pricing

  • • Free Setup.

  • • Free Receiving.

  • • Free Handing Fee(General Package).

  • • Free Integration Support.

  • • Free Customer Service.

  • • Free Technical Consultation.

  • • Pick, Pack And Shipping Included.

  • • No Minimums.

  • • No Hidden Fees.

Supplements Example Pricing


Shipping method:China Post



China Post Shipping fee: $11.20
Total fee:$11.20

Fulfillment Pricing

Our list pricing is inclusive of receiving, order processing, picking* the product, packing the order, the shipping box and postage. No extra fee for standard packing material.

There have various type of transportation through by Express Company,Air Line and Postal office. We partner with famous couriers, like DHL,Fedex, UPS, TNT and China Post. If you are interested in getting custimized logistics solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Storage Pricing

Storage pricing is charged daily per SKU based on the total cubic volume in stock.

After the daily shipment cut off, Shipredygo calculates the storage cost for only the products that remain in stock, meaning we do not charge you storage costs for products that have shipped throughout the day. Starting at $0.37 per cubic mile.

Storage Pricing


Dimensions:8x7x3 cm


Daily $0.07/day
Monthly(estimate) $2.10/mo

Storage Pricing Calculator


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